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Locations (current)Belfast, Dublin
Twitter @midhir
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I started programming at about 11 years old with a book called Programming Microcomputers and a Commodore 64.

Currently, I work for GitLab as Senior Engineering Manager for the Plan team, which builds GitLab's planning and value stream tools, Pages and wiki.

Previously I grew & led the engineering team as Principal Developer at Storyful, a News Corp subsidiary and journalism technology company. I also worked in mobile games development, probably most notably on Transformers 3.

I started working with Ruby over 15 years ago, about the time of Rails v1.2. It's still the language I love and reach for most often, though I've written production code in several languages; including Haskell, Javascript, and Objective-C.

I love music and founded Midhir Records while at college. The label focused on unique artists within various genres of extreme music, bringing their music to market on vinyl and CD formats and promoting it around the world, while distributing interesting music from other labels here in Ireland. Around this time I released an album in China with my own band Altus Astrum.

Other than that I love books, fitness and good food.



  1. Run ML workloads using ROCm with a 7900XTX on Arch Linux.
    [GitLab Snippet, Aug 2023]

  2. How a Week at Another Company Helped Us Refresh Our Culture.
    [Medium, May 2018]

  3. Tactics for Taming Legacy Code. (Slides)
    [Ruby Ireland, April 2016]


  1. How Storyful is turning Slack into an extension of its newswire.
    [Nieman Lab, Nov 2015]



PG Dip. New Venture Creation (with Commendation)

Queen's University Management School, Belfast

MA Sonic Arts (with Commendation)

Queen's University, Belfast

Final Project:
Software for Editing Audio in the Web Browser; including sharing, version control and a Ruby wrapper for the SoX library.

Computer Programming for Audio Applications, Composition.


BSc Music Technology (First Class Honours)

Queen's University, Belfast

Final Project:
Web‐based, social network and directory for composers.

Computer Programming for Audio Applications, Composition.